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as a Solicitor
and mediator
"He's the sort of lawyer you need in a crisis. You have great skills and a creative mind which is quite rare. I am sure there must be solicitors desperate to get rid of problem files which you would be ideally suited to tackle,  as you did at Shoosmiths with recoveries."

Michael Orton-Jones, former Senior Partner, Shoosmiths

"He gets straight to the point; is a very experienced solicitor. I would not want him as an opponent".

Michael Gerard, Solicitor Adjudicator

“He said it would take six months and he exceeded my expectations and got a brilliant result in less, whereas my previous insurance lawyers faffed around for 3 years and got nowhere!"


Dr John Birkhead, Retired Cardiac Physician

"I never expected the case would settle at the mediation, but it did."

Dr Mike Miller
"Thank you for giving me a voice. I'd just like to express my gratitude to your colleague, Christopher Cox. Christopher has worked so hard and efficiently so far to help me."

A client that wished to remain anonymous. (September 2022)

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