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About Me

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Commercially driven, ethically compliant solution to disputes.

Investigation, reality testing negotiation and settlement before, during or after proceedings. Obtaining cost-effective results.
What I offer


I can offer you wide practice knowledge and experience of the law spanning 40 years. I am comprehensive in my respect for the rule of law and the rights of individuals. 

Each case is different. I will help you make an informed decision. I will identify where you stand ,what steps are available to you. I will explain the consequences of taking those steps. You can then make an informed decision, improve your position, and keep your liability to a minimum.

Legal costs arise from processes prescribed by rules such as the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, or the Arbitration Act 1996 or Insolvency legislation 2020. I can provide you with a beginning to end assessment of the merits of your case, how best it might proceed and a cost budget estimation for each stage. You can then assess the benefit and risk. Legal aid is not available for commercial cases. But if your case is recognised as having a 75% or above prospect of success, then funding for legal fees and insurance against costs risks may well available to you.

I have been in all forms of dispute resolution process imaginable. Each have their different time, cost, quality of outcome and risk profiles.

Careful listening, thorough investigation, detailed factual analysis, legal expertise, is what I provide my clients with fees agreed in advance.

Clients and their comments

Said to be “a brilliant lawyer” the sort you “need in a crisis” whose commitment to “getting the job the done is impressive”.

My clients are in all commercial sectors and walks of life. 

Frequently instructed by law firms on files where the case has “got off on the wrong foot wrong” has not been “fully articulated”, has been “going nowhere” or there is a “complete deadlock” with “impasse being unbreakable”

I can act as a mediator where I am independent and impartial

I have been in the vanguard of developing mediation in the uk and overseas. I can help set up and design a process to get you to a mediation and either be the mediator or act as you advocate at the mediation. I regularly prepare cases for mediation

In any case where I remain independent and impartial, and the parties agree I can act as mediator and either facilitate or help evaluate what the outcome in court or at arbitration or adjudication might be.

As a solicitor

Confidentiality is paramount. I can provide to you with:

  • Initial free-of-charge consultation.

  • Case assessment before you commit to any option.

  • Strategic planning and a tactical approach to get what you need.

  • Urgent injunctive relief to preserve assets and evidence outcomes or remove obstructions to your rights.

  • Identify the right legal or other dispute process or processes most beneficial to your case from a time, cost, quality of outcome and risk perspective.

  • Avoidance advice to prevent a dispute from arising in the first place.

  • Pre-action correspondence in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules 1998.

  • Talking the case to court from interim applications to trial with Counsel and experts.

  • Crafting an enforceable settlement pre- or post court.

  • Enforcing settlement decisions from basic collection to contempt proceedings.

  • The full range of cost recovery litigation.

  • Advice on cost liability.

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