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An experienced commercial claims lawyer


Chris has been a solicitor since 1982, specialising in dispute resolution. Chris has extensive experience in adjudication, arbitration and litigation. Prominent in Alternative Dispute Resolution, both as a neutral and as a client representative/advocate for the last 25 years.


Mediation experience includes:


  • Solicitors' partnership dispute with partners seeking a just and equitable winding up leading to the formation of two new law firms.

  • Car dealership dispute



  • Lender/ borrower dispute involving allegations of security being sold at undervalue.

  • Claims of negligence misrepresentation against lender.

  • Claim by a Judgment Creditor against a Bank seeking priority over the Bank’s rights of set-off.

  • Claims for lenders seeking to enforce security.



  • Numerous construction disputes involving non-payment, delay and expense professional negligence and insolvency.

  • Adjudication and enforcement of adjudicators decisions.

  • Professional Negligence claims for design defects involving major engineering projects.

  • Fraud and bribery cases.

  • Termination of commercial contracts.



  • Sexual harassment allegations between corporate and former employee.

  • Franchisee dispute with motoring organisation.

  • Race discrimination claim between teacher and school.

  • Race Discrimination claim to force an association to change its constitution.

  • Restrictive covenant breaches and damage claim. 

  • Injunctions to prevent breaches of employment contracts.


General Commercial

  • Food retailer/wholesaler dispute involving discounts claim and counterclaim.

  • Dispute involving delayed supply of building materials leading to claims for loss and expense.

  • Dispute involving a damages claim by a motor manufacturer and its specialist design contractor.

  • Recruitment agencies fee disputes with their clients.

  • Multiparty dispute involving the acquisition of a financial services company concerning claims for misrepresentation and cross claims for breach of warranties.

  • Diamond merchant claim against retailer for outstanding purchases.

  • Sales of pheasant poults and horses.


Multi-Party Mediations

  • To settle partnership dissolution case.

  • To settle multi-party litigation.


  • Trade partnership disputes. 

  • Partnership bust up between partners in niche City law firm. 

  • Contractual dispute involving a developer and marine contractor.

  • City law firm claim for fees in fund raising exercise for clients involving professional conduct and cost assessment issues.

Insolvency Litigation

  • All forms of insolvency litigation, bank security issues and creditors claims.

  • Restructuring

  • Directors duties and disqualification.



  • Four party dispute including an action group involving planning guidelines and the location of mobile telephone mast.

  • Enforcement proceedings and professional negligence involving landowner /developer, their architect and the local planning authority.



  • Contest between siblings and beneficiaries of the deceased and dispute over the validity of the Will and the distribution of the estate.

  • Constructive trust based on proprietary estoppel claim by wife of decease against former partner seeking declaration of the trust and equity split or a share in the sale proceeds.



  • Boundary disputes one involving professional negligence in conveyancing.

  • Injunction/ damages claim concerning a party wall.

  • Negligent misrepresentation minerals company business interruption dispute.

  • Dilapidations and arrears of rent claims.

  • Joint tenant severance disputes.


Public Sector

  • Breach of contract /negligence /misfeasance dispute involving local authority and four other parties.

  • Four party dispute between local authority employer, contractor, sub-contractor and specialist sub-contractor involving the refurbishment of one and supply of two new main heating boilers providing hot water and heating to some two thousand residents of a housing estate. 

  • Four party dispute concerning teacher training between trainee teacher, University, School and Local Authority.


Shareholder Disputes

  • Allegations of unfair prejudice against members of a private company and disputes over share valuation.

Sports clubs

  • Case involving a claim for payment of grounds man’s invoice and cross claim.

  • Motor sport partnership dissolution dispute.

  • Design of sports stadium and safety requirements.

“We liked your friendly approach, your vast knowledge and your willingness to help.”

  • Joint Honours Degree BA in Law and American Studies (Keele) 1977

  • Qualified in 1982

  • Construction Law and Arbitration (King’s College London) 2001

  • 2012 CEDR Certificate in Advanced Negotiation

    Mediation Panel Memberships:

  • The Law Society Civil and Commercial Mediation Panel

  • Court of Appeal Mediation Panel

  • The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Mediation Panel

  • The Association of Midland Mediators

  • Civil Mediation Council Registered

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