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Mediation Services

”Reasonable minds can agree to differ”

If you are looking to employ an independent, impartial and extensively trained mediator with over 24 years of experience, and over 300 successful mediations to my record, and your opponent agrees to appoint me also, then I would be delighted to help you.

This is a phrase I heard used at a mediation I was observing in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998. It was used as a way of avoiding deadlock even though the point in issue was fundamental to reaching a compromise. It enabled dialogue to continue and gave the mediator a chance to get both sides to consider their diametrically opposing views. It worked!


When you come to Reasonable Minds section you step out of law to beyond legal services to a place where more flexible solutions exist.


I offer secure dialogue through mediation process to settle your dispute. Once the facts are known and legal opinions are obtained, I will act as mediator for the parties in dispute.


The services I offer


If you know the facts, have already received legal advice and perhaps the advice of other experts, and vitally that you have a genuine desire to resolve your dispute without going to a court or arbitral hearing, then this service is for you.


Both you and the other party will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement so that all of the discussions which take place cannot be repeated by you in court or elsewhere and enjoy the status of being legally privileged. What this means is what you say in the course of the discussions remains confidential.


I will then invite you to provide your information and key documents supporting your case, plus make arrangements for a meeting to take place. This may last from half a day to a whole day, at a suitable location, where meetings and discussions can take place leading to a settlement.


You should run this past your legal advisers to be sure you are not risking prejudicing your rights. I certainly encourage you to do so, but ultimately it is your case, and only you can decide how you want it dealt with. It is for you to make an informed decision.


As a result of the process a settlement will occur, usually on the day, or if not, within a short period afterwards. I will stay engaged to help if the matter overruns as you wish.


However, no settlement can occur without each party involved signing a settlement agreement and if your lawyers are not with you at the mediation, it's worth having them on standby.

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